4 Ways RPA Paves the Way for Innovation

2021-10-14 22:37:51.0 by Alyssa Putzer

It’s no secret that we love robotic process automation (RPA) here at Metafile. Why? Because we have implemented RPA technology into our MetaViewer solution to help our customers make their processes more efficient and accurate across the enterprise, from AP to AR and beyond.

CIO recently posted about how RPA technology drives innovation across the enterprise, and we think they are spot-on because, let’s be honest, once you realize the benefits of innovation, you are much more likely seek out more ways to digitize your organization. Here are some of the ways that RPA encourages further digital transformation across your enterprise:

  1. It’s scalable: RPA often ignites a domino effect (in a good way) when implemented into organizations. If you are just starting to look into automation, you can just automate one process with automation software, or even one department, with RPA technology. Once you realize the ROI and have a hang of the process, it can be implemented into other departments until a full-scale digital transformation is reached. This also helps control cost. If your budget only allows for some processes to be automated, you can choose the most pertinent and implement RPA technology there, often in accounts payable. If you have the budget for a bigger implementation project, you can start to integrate it across your enterprise at a faster rate. However you want to implement it, RPA is extremely tailorable to meet your unique business needs in the areas where it is needed most, with the opportunity to scale in the future.
  2. It takes over the menial work: Manual data entry is a drag. RPA augments the work that employees do by taking over the menial tasks and freeing up employee time to do more important projects. Think of RPA as another employee that does all of the tasks that employees don’t want to do without complaining. Trust us, your team will be thrilled. Not only that, but with RPA in place you can make sure that employees are spending their time (and you are spending your money) on tasks that require human cognition while your automation solution runs in the background.
  3. It delivers substantial ROI: That’s right, an investment in RPA actually makes you money. Because you will no longer be paying employees to do menial tasks, losing money on late payments, missing out on early-payment discounts or pay exorbitant amounts of money on printer, toner, file folders, etc. An RPA solution has proven its savings by taking over the manual tasks that often take over employees’ days, like printing, scanning, filing, searching for lost documents and spending time on the phone with vendors and customers as they frantically look for information. Gains in efficiency mean gains in money for you and your company.
  4. It safeguards data: From phishing to fraud, making sure your sensitive information is stored in a safe place and is put through a secure workflow eliminates the risk of a data breach. RPA solutions are often HIPAA-compliant, in addition to compliant with state laws regarding document storage. An RPA solution allows you to store information for as long as regulations require, while also making all of that information easily accessible in case of audit. Additionally, most RPA solutions, like MetaViewer, are hosted in the cloud so your data is safe and sound from wherever it may need to be accessed and is protected in case of national disaster. No more manila folders for you!

Could we go on about the benefits of RPA? Absolutely. But we think we hit some of the big ones. RPA technology may seem complex, but we are certain it will benefit your organization as a whole and make the lives of the executive team, the AP team, the HR team and the legal team much easier. Want to see how MetaViewer has implemented RPA technology into our AP automation solution? You can learn more on our website!

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