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MetaViewer is a state-of-the-art document management/paperless automation solution offering significant ROI, full-process visibility, built-in OCR, reduced costs and dramatically increased efficiency over your previously paper-based business procedures. Built to meet the needs of the modern business, MetaViewer integrates with ERP systems including Microsoft Dynamics, helping end-users perform everyday tasks with greater proficiency and accuracy.

MetaViewer is essential for companies looking to eliminate manual data entry and go fully paperless with a solution that is easily expands across the entire enterprise and adapts to your unique business rules and processes – your paperless team member!

Why MetaViewer?

Technology to automate your tedious paper processes in every department.  Go paperless today!

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MetaViewer RPA

MetaViewer offers paperless efficiency no one else can touch.

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MetaViewer for Microsoft Dynamics

MetaViewer and Microsoft Dynamics come together for a tightly integrated paperless automation solution.

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Taking Advantage of the Tech Revolution: Strategies for AP Success

We have often discussed what makes AP departments “best-in-class,” but much of what traditionally has defined a “best-in-class” AP department has changed due to the pandemic. Ardent Partners examined some of the ways the top AP departments are leveraging technology in order to become more strategic and resistant. Read more

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AP Benchmarks for the Mid-Market in 2021 and Lessons Learned

Benchmarks are one of the most powerful methods for measuring the performance of the accounts payable department. But how do you know what to measure and what results are possible? Bob Cohen, Vice President of Research at Ardent Partners, shares the key benchmarks and insights into AP operations needed by mid-market organizations to gain visibility into accounts payable operations, including the top priorities and challenges facing AP today. He is joined by MetaViewer automation expert Doug Bertram, who will discuss the real-life applications of accounts payable automation technology.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • Mid-market benchmarks for AP in 2021
  • Key insights for maximizing AP performance
  • Strategies to achieve ongoing success in AP

You and your team will walk away with a better understanding of AP performance in the mid-market, lessons learned over the past year, and how to position AP to thrive in the future.



Presenter:  Bob Cohen, Ardent Partners

Co-Presenter: Doug Bertram, MetaViewer

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Metafile Information Systems partners with OnPay Solutions to provide procurement-to-payment automation solution for accounts payable

Metafile Information Systems, the company behind state-of-the-art document management solution MetaViewer Paperless Automation announced today that it has entered into a partnership with payment automation provider OnPay Solutions to develop Invoice-Through-Pay automation.

This partnership provides full-scale, procurement-to-payment automation for accounts payable departments, driving efficiency and streamlining processes from start to finish.

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"This partnership brings together two powerful solutions to provide an automated, state-of-the-art procurement-to-payment workflow," said Nick Sprau, CEO and Chief Marketing Officer at Metafile Information Systems. "OnPay and MetaViewer together will help elevate accounts payable departments to become efficient, competitive and best-in-class, allowing enterprises to make more strategic business decisions and work more cohesively in today's uncertain business landscape."

"We are excited to partner with MetaViewer to deliver the final step in the Invoice-Through-Pay automation process," said Neal Anderson, CEO and President of OnPay Solutions. "Our mission is to empower people to improve the lives of accounting departments globally. We are excited to provide MetaViewer with additional tools to help accomplish that mission by eliminating paper-based payments."

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