The Environmental Benefits of Accounts Payable Automation.

 2/17/2023 by Andy Birkey

At MetaViewer we talk a lot about how AP Automation can save organizations money, how it increases staff satisfaction, and how it creates efficiencies, but did you know that AP Automation can also reap some environmental benefits and increase your operation’s sustainability efforts? There has been a growing emphasis on sustainability in the business world as companies work to reduce their environmental impact and become more eco-friendly. Accounts payable automation is one solution that can help businesses achieve their sustainability goals while also improving their efficiency, reducing costs, and increasing staff satisfaction. 

Save the trees!
The traditional accounts payable process is heavily reliant on paper. Invoices are printed, mailed, and processed manually, which results in significant paper usage. AP Automation solutions like MetaViewer eliminate the need for paper-based communication, such as mailing invoices and checks, and reduces the environmental impact of these processes.

Lower Carbon Emissions!
Manual accounts payable processes are also associated with high carbon emissions because invoices and checks need to be mailed which requires vehicles and this creates carbon emissions. Accounts payable automation reduces the need for physical transportation, as invoices and payments can be processed electronically. 

Reduced Waste!
AP automation helps companies reduce their impact on waste streams. Paper and plastic printer supplies are all outcomes of manual accounts payable processes. With an entirely digital system, no paper is wasted and no printers are used. 

By reducing paper usage, lowering carbon emissions, and reducing waste, accounts payable automation can help businesses become more eco-friendly while also improving their efficiency and reducing costs. Adopting a sustainable business model is increasingly important for companies that want to remain competitive and appeal to environmentally conscious consumers. MetaViewer is one important step that businesses can take to achieve their sustainability goals.

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