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Welcome to a comprehensive online resource for customers looking to learn about adding value to their MetaViewer investment.

Customer Success is about the acknowledgement of the core issues of customer portfolio development, retention and expansion. Customer Success is an integration of all functions and activities of Metafile.

Metafile has established a truly customer-focused culture throughout the organization. Everyone at Metafile is empowered to act on behalf of customers and acknowledge that we all have a role that affects their behaviors and attitudes.

Experts with years of industry knowledge and experience bring high return on investments to our customers by understanding their perception of our products and services and their value. At Metafile, forming partnerships with our customers is a key component of our strategy for delivering solutions.

Customer Success Mission

Metafile’s mission is to make the customer as successful as possible, which in turn, improves customer lifetime value for Metafile. Metafile aligns itself with the needs of the customer while meeting the needs of Metafile.

Contact Customer Help Desk


Phone:    800-222-4096

The key functions of Customer Success:

Technical Enablement:

manage the initial engagement following the initial sale.

Knowledge Enablement:

arm the customer with the knowledge needed to make best use of the Solution.

Account Management:

manage the business relations between the customer and Metafile to ensure the best use of the Solution

The main features of Customer Success:

  • A real-time proactive focus on the long-term success of customers by building relationships and helping them realize the full potential of the Solution. Ensuring Customer Success is about looking at it from a strategic perspective and tackling the bigger picture.

  • A reactive focus on short-term resolutions customer-submitting tickets, calling and sending e-mails to report a problem they are encountering. Focused on the case-by-case and the here-and-now, fixing problems that a customer is having with the Solution.

MetaViewer Customer Success Services 

Service after the sale is one of the most important aspects of any software purchase. With many software packages, customer relationships with the organization end with the product purchase. Metafile Information Systems, Inc. (“Metafile”) considers a customer’s purchase a beginning. Metafile strives to be a customer-oriented organization that prides itself on company-wide dedication to the success of a customer’s paperless automation and document management solutions.

Our expert staff is organized to offer a full range of services while providing customers with individual attention. Before, during, and after a purchase, the customer can be assured of receiving the best and most complete services available from knowledgeable product specialists.

In addition to offering comprehensive standard services through Software Maintenance, Metafile also offers many additional Scheduled Services. Scheduled Services are available in the following areas: pre-installation analysis and planning, data conversion, software installation, product training, and preventative and enhancement services.

Service Options

Software Maintenance

MetaViewer Scheduled Services  
(fee for service)

Product Updates



Product Revisions



Telephone, Fax, & Email Support Line



BBS/Web Access



Pre-Installation Analysis and Planning



Data Conversion



Installation and Configuration






Custom Programming



Extended Hours Hourly Services



MetaViewer Software Maintenance

Scope of Service

Software Maintenance; is the modification of Software after Deployment to correct faults, to improve performance or other attributes. Percentage of Software Costs for Installed Software 12–month minimum, Software Maintenance is Included in Hosting Services and Subscription On-Premises fees.

Scope of Service for Installed Software, Hosting Services and Subscription On-Premises Software deployment types.

Telephone and E-mail access;

Customer may e-mail -

MetaViewer at  ResultsPlus at

or call -

USA;                  800-222-4096
International;      507-286-9232

Monday thru Friday, 8 am to 5 pm, Central Time, exclusive of weekends and Metafile Holidays:

New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve Day and Christmas Day 

Customers may leave voice mail messages evenings, weekends and holidays that will be responded to on the next business day.

Problem resolution time may vary depending on the nature of the problem. Problem reports will, as an objective, be responded to within one (1) business day.

Corrective Service(s) for Software;

diagnose and correct discovered problem(s) by user or concluded by user error reports, may include modifications and updates in order to correct or fix problems.  

Service(s) for problems determined to be outside that of Software usage or malfunction(s) caused by customer administration, is not included and will be provided at the then current rate.

Perfective Service(s) for Software;

scheduled service that includes Software only upgrade(s)/update(s) to the latest version in order to keep the Software usable over long period.  

May include new features to improve reliability, performance and functionality. Software may periodically phone-home for pertinent updates. Metafile may require customers to upgrade Software for maintainability.

Electronic Workflow and ERP Integration upgrade(s) /update(s) /enhancement(s), is not included and will be provided at the then current rate. Installation, implementation and configuring service(s) is not included and will be provided at the then current rate.

Software Maintenance does not cover problems arising from: hardware, non-Metafile software, power failure, operator error, networking, operating system, other environmental issues, Software installation or reinstallation, cost of construction or reconstruction of customer data.

MetaViewer Scheduled Services

Metafile developed Scheduled Services in response to customers’ needs beyond MetaViewer Software Maintenance. Services in the following areas are available at the then current hourly fee:

Installation and Configuration Service(s) for Software;

installation and configuring of the Solution.

Training Service(s) for Software;

training allows the customer to make optimal use of the Solution.

Adaptive Service(s) for Software;

scheduled service that includes modifications and updates tuned to the ever changing business environment, adapting to change(s) in the data processing environment.

Preventive Service(s) for Software;

scheduled service that includes modifications and updates to prevent future problems of the Software before they occur. Periodic system inspection(s) and review.

Enhancement Service(s) for Electronic Workflow;

scheduled service that includes modifications based on changing user requirement(s) that increases the functionality of the Electronic Workflow beyond the original specification(s).

MetaViewer Lifecycle

At Metafile we strive to deliver the highest quality services to our customers.  One way we accomplish this is by maximizing our ability to provide you with comprehensive assistance on the most industry relevant product versions.

To focus on our proficiency in current and future products and technologies, we sometimes discontinue maintenance of Software that has reached the end of its life cycle. Software maintenance is discontinued when there is little demand for maintenance of this Software and when new versions are both available and in use.

We periodically send out notices of discontinued software maintenance to allow you sufficient time to move to the current version of Software.

Discontinued Software Versions

The following Software versions have reached the end of their life cycle.  Metafile will discontinue maintenance on the following Software versions:


Discontinued Software Maintenance Date

Replacement Product/Version

MetaViewer Enterprise 6.6x

May 1, 2014

MetaViewer Enterprise 6.8

MetaViewer Enterprise 6.5x or older

December 1, 2013

MetaViewer Enterprise 6.8

MetaViewer Standard AFP module

December 1, 2013

No replacement

MetaViewer 8.73 or older

December 1, 2013

MetaViewer 8.8

MF.Net, ASP Version

December 1, 2013

MetaViewer Enterprise Document Server

MetaViewer Servlet Web Application (SVR-JSP)

December 1, 2013

MetaViewer Web Application

Remote Internet Explorer (IE) Plug-in

December 1, 2012

MetaViewer Standard Document Server, ASP Application

MVR.Net Server, Application

May 1, 2011

MetaViewer Standard Document Server, ASP Application

MF.Net, JSP version

February 1, 2009

MetaViewer Enterprise Document Server

Please contact Metafile at 800-222-4096 or if you have further questions on the status of these versions.

MetaViewer User Assistance

Welcome MetaViewer Users

The MetaViewer User Assistance web site allows MetaViewer customers to quickly and easily find what they're looking for in the extensive product documentation library.

The site has a contemporary responsive design so whether you're using a desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone, images and text will resize for easy reading and viewing.The site has google-like search functionality, or content is available via a navigation tree. 

Once registered, users can access how-to information, product references, training videos, and more.

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