Robotic Process Automation: Manufacturers, this one's for you

2018-03-09 17:12:01.0 by Alyssa Putzer

The field of manufacturing is fast-paced and constantly in flux. Data is streaming in, and managing that data takes a lot of paper and even more money. But when you are trying to manage that data physically, it’s possible that you’re missing out on crucial business information that could help your organization manage business procedures more efficiently and more strategically. Pressures to increase production levels, reduce costs, make better use of information regarding physical assets and facilities, and maximize the effectiveness of the supply-chain present ongoing challenges within the manufacturing industry. Today’s manufacturers definitely have their hands full.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA), like MetaViewer, can provide relevant information and on-demand status to all business processes, ranging from order management to inventory control, fulfillment and accounts receivable. It’s also crucial for optimizing relationships with the manufacturer, distributer and customer while streamlining data and optimizing additional business technology investments, like your Microsoft Dynamics ERP.

For companies that are looking to fix their paper problem implementing RPA, or document management, in place of a legacy system and integrating it with an existing ERP offers an automated solution. You’ll see yourself using less paper and increasing efficiency, time savings and visibility of invoice processing, in addition to greater access to data. And for Microsoft Dynamics users managers can, if needed, keep a closer eye on employees who are responsible for getting vendors into GP and whether those tasks are getting done correctly and on-time. This also means that companies can decrease the number of employees doing a certain task, reallocating employees’ time to more crucial tasks.

For those of you working in manufacturing, you know that you never want to be on the bad side of a vendor. RPA helps companies improve relationships with vendors by speeding up processes that allow them to get paid faster. Nothing makes a vendor happier than getting a check in the mail on-time (or even early), and nothing beats the feeling you get when you receive an early-payment discount.

Additionally, workflow software captures and indexes the influx of information constantly coming into organizations, whether it’s vendor data, customer data, product info or data you didn’t even know existed. Without the right tools to capture this unstructured data, you may be allowing pertinent information disappear out in cyberspace. This lost data could be the key to helping you make more informed and more strategic business decisions.

While RPA is a great asset in any industry, we feel confident that those in manufacturing will see substantial ROI and benefits from implementing a system like MetaViewer.

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