Podcast: Strategies for Success with AP and Automation 

 2/21/2024 by Andy Birkey

MetaViewer’s Doug Bertram recently sat down with Amiee Keenan of the ISV Society to talk about MetaViewer and strategies for success with AP automation. 

At the heart of the discussion was the use of artificial intelligence in the MetaViewer solution. So how does MetaViewer leverage AI? 

“Once the system pulls the invoices in they are being fed to an AI extraction engine, and that engine intelligently reads and extracts that information from the document,” Bertram said.

Bertram said that MetaViewer spent time enhancing the machine learning aspects of the program by feeding it a variety of documents from handwritten invoices to invoices with different text orientations. 

“It is very remarkable,” he said. 

Even in demonstrations where he shows interested users times when it fails, the machine learning caught up and would no longer produce errors even when he was trying to force it to. He purposefully made invoices intended to fail in the process, but the machine learning had adjusted over time to recognize that specific error. 

Bertram also discussed the data that MetaViewer’s AI can produce, and that the system can learn about trends in purchase orders and learn how to accurately match them to invoices. 

And, that it’s a powerful tool for analytics in two ways: It produces a ton of analytical data, and it frees staff up to analyze that data and improve overall AP performance. 

Check out the full podcast at MSDynamicsWorld. 

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