Paperless Human Resources

Executive View

"The Document Distribution module saves us two hours per month distributing just a couple of payroll reports. "Our experience with the new software has been very positive so we are in the process of using it for other reports."

~Tom Gumber,
System Analyst
Clay Electric Co-op



Document Management Emphasizing People, not Paper.

Resumes, applications, benefit forms, W4's, I9's, employee reviews, and payroll stubs, human resources has traditionally been a department mired in paper.

MetaViewer can help you manage these documents by providing workflow for resume checking, electronic forms for new applicants and hires along with the full-text indexing and archiving of all the necessary government documents, employee reviews and more.

The MetaViewer Distribution module eliminates the expense of delivering monthly payroll stubs, 401k documents and more. These documents are automatically captured by MetaViewer, burst, and securely delivered via email to the appropriate employee, savings countless hours and thousands of dollars in "postage and handling".

With MetaViewer, your department's workflow is streamlined so your time can be spent being a real resource to your company and employees

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