Paperless Accounts Payable from MetaViewer

Workflow Automation from Procurement to Payment.

Paperless accounts payable solution MetaViewer from Metafile gives you full visibility to all related documents from purchase order to payment to archive and back.  You gain more control over your accounts payable process, decrease your variability and automate your approval workflow.

No other document management solution offers all this. MetaViewer captures invoice data, eliminates repetitive processes and makes documents and data more readily available for better expense management.  Just imagine how good you and your department will look when you start capitalizing on early payment discounts, reducing your invoice processing costs and improving your vendor and customer relations.  You're making a real strategic contribution to the bottom line.

With all this newfound visibility, you can't help but leave a real impression on your CFO! MetaViewer assures greater efficiencies for you, your vendors and associates. 

Paperless accounts payable from MetaViewer has key components to promote efficiency:



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