Plug it in. Turn it on.
Can it really be that easy?

No duct tape required.

All it takes is one key on your application interface, and voila – MetaViewer is plugged in and automatically integrated to capture and index everything created by your application suite.  It links with any ERP and application from Infor/SSA Global to Microsoft Dynamics to SAP. And it's so easy you don't need to learn a thing to run it. Sound unbelievable?  It's not. It's MetaViewer.

“The time required to administer the new system has been reduced from 80 to 20 hours per month, and we save additional time because users require much less support...this system was clearly designed with the IT department in mind.”

Al Lukiman,
arner Chappell Music, Inc.

Application Integration

MetaViewer offers a complete integration suite that can quickly provide existing ERP users a seamless, paperless solution.

MetaViewer automatically captures and full-text indexes any document or report generated by existing software packages. It can update the ERP application database with invoice line item detail and correct GL coding information, indicate that an invoice is approved for payment or a payment has been received.

MetaViewer can use existing information found in the ERP database to easily index newly scanned documents, further reducing data entry.

A button can be added to the ERP application which will perform a preset MetaViewer query using the appropriate information found on the host application screen, allowing associated documents to be retrieved and viewed without ever leaving the ERP application.

MetaViewer in every sense becomes an integrated extension to your existing application.

Integration at its Finest.

MetaViewer tightly integrates with Microsoft Dynamics ERP and other financial applications.
Microsoft Dynamics AX

Paperless Automation + Dynamics AX:  The functionality of a powerful, yet simple, integration.

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“The fact that MetaViewer is continually upgraded and supported by Metafile provides welcome relief from the challenges of maintaining our previous custom system.”

-David Kinkela,
Goya Foods, Inc.
Microsoft Dynamics D365O

An ERP tool set that provides intelligent technology and scalability across the enterprise.

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“The main thing about MetaViewer was its flexibility. It was a sensible choice because we have unique business processes since we have so many locations.”
-Laura Holsclaw, Controller
Greer Companies
Microsoft Dynamics GP

MetaViewer and Dynamics GP offer financial and operational functionality for a variety of enterprises.

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“MetaViewer has given us more confidence that we can increase the volume and number of vendors and invoices without risk of processing errors or adding staff.”
-Brant Dennis, Corporate Controller
Landscape Structures
Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Business management functionality from financials, to supply chain, to manufacturing.

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“I can’t even quantify the time and cost savings, but it is substantial. Our AP department was pulling their hair out trying to reconcile invoices to receipts at month’s end, nothing else was getting done. Now our PO reconciliation process is automated and so much easier.”
-Mark Krzmarzick, CFO
Leeco Steel
Microsoft Dynamics SL

Compliance and control are within reach with Dynamics SL and automated workflow.

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“MVR allowed us to have immediate input, get rid of thousands of paper invoices that we previously had to deal with, free up other employees that were focusing too much on accounts payable and leave that specifically to the AP department.”
-Alex Edgel, Accountant
Ohio Masonic Home
Other ERP/Financial Modules

MetaViewer + Your Financial System - Paperless Automation.

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“We selected MetaViewer largely because of its very logical, very open architecture… We liked the control that MetaViewer allowed us to have over the workflow and system and the ability to make adjustments for what we wanted to do in the future.”
-Alissa Foth, VP for Project Management
Sunflower Bank

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