Breaking Down the “Big Picture”: Workflow Automation from Procurement to Payment

2020-12-04 19:44:32.0 by Alyssa Putzer

Here at MetaViewer from Metafile, we talk a lot about the “Big Picture.” The all-inclusive, all-encompassing, procurement-to-payment solution that provides full visibility from purchase order to payment and back again. Heck, we even made a diagram about it.

But what makes our Big Picture so great and so effective are all the parts that make it up. That’s why we’re breaking it down so you can see each part of the MetaViewer solution and get an idea of how it all works together to create the seamless system we know and love.


Document Capture: One of the key elements of the MetaViewer AP Automation solution its ability to capture transaction information regardless of the external or internal source and standardize it for workflow approval, vendor notification and self-service processes.

Key invoice information is located and recognized automatically, and vendor profiles are set up in seconds. The process is the same regardless of whether the invoice arrived electronically or on paper. All this without the pay-per-invoice burden of other solutions.



Intelligent Workflow: Whether your vendor invoices and customer orders are received on paper or electronically using our eInvoicing option, MetaViewer Invoice Accelerator auto classifies, identifies and extracts all transactional data, facilitates two- and three-way matching with ERP information, and allows custom online approval workflows.

As your invoices go through the web-based workflow process, MetaViewer automatically alerts your vendors regarding the status. Automated GL coding of invoice information, reconciliation with purchase orders and complete integration with your ERP solution eliminates data entry and ensures accuracy.

The MetaViewer Workflow Monitor gives real-time views into your entire AP process. Instantly know when invoices are nearing deadline, stuck in someone's workflow queue or overdue.


A8x1519x71x1Integration: Integration is automatic. MetaViewer blends with your existing environment in perfect harmony, tightly integrating with all Microsoft Dynamics ERP and financial modules (AX, D365O, GP, NAV and SL). Combined with your ERP, MetaViewer offers a seamless, paperless solution for your previously paper-based business processes.

With the simple press of a MetaViewer button added to the ERP application, a preset MetaViewer query is run, using the appropriate information found on the host application screen, and allowing associated documents to be retrieved or viewed without ever leaving your ERP.


A8x151cx71x1Retrieval: The MetaViewer paperless automation solution lets you find the information you need, when you need it, where you need it.

Tight integration with your ERP solution lets you retrieve the appropriate documents with a single mouse click without leaving your ERP screen. Email notifications can be sent with a link that allows secure access to specific documents. 

The MetaViewer Document Distribution option lets you safely, accurately and quickly send customer invoices, payroll stubs, commission statements or any other documents to thousands of recipients.


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