4 Ways Document Management Benefits Customer Service

2020-01-24 17:39:04.0 by Alyssa Putzer

You and your team have experienced a whole list of benefits since implementing document management/robotic process automation (RPA) software at your organization. But your accounts payable, accounts receivable, human resources and leadership teams likely aren’t the only ones enjoying the perks of paperless automation – your customers are benefitting, too!

A document management system is a great way to invest in your customer service and give your customer service team the chance to focus their time, energy and skills on more pertinent tasks.

Here are some of the customer service benefits of document management/RPA:

  1. Implementing RPA software into your customer service department reduces the time your staff spends identifying customers and their information. RPA/document management makes information easily searchable and accessible, eliminating those long wait times for your customers.
  2. Everyone likes cost reductions, and one of the greatest benefits of RPA for customer service is reduced costs due to shorter average handle time (AHT) with customers, as well as lower processing costs. Electronic document management reduces or eliminates the costs associated with paper processing and cuts down on the time to respond to inquiries.
  3. A document management/RPA solution allows you to standardize your processes, assuring that your entire team is handling situations in a cohesive and consistent way. This cuts back on errors, saves time and, ultimately, money.
  4. Some RPA/document management solution providers offer a self-service options for customers, opening up customer service reps to handle more complex issues and larger projects. This improves the customer experience and frees staff up to deal with more pertinent projects and customer inquiries.

Your leadership will thank you, your staff will thank you AND your customers will thank you when you implement document management/RPA software – that’s what we call a win-win-win! If you haven’t started examining the benefits of document management for customer service, we encourage you to dig in and see what ROI could result from your customer service team utilizing RPA technology.

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