3 Ways to Streamline an Audit with Robotic Process Automation

2021-12-17 19:30:06.0 by Alyssa Putzer

Is it possible to go through an audit without your finance teams pulling out their hair? Believe it or not, it is! The idea that your organization could be audited is one of the most terrifying parts of tax season. However, implementing RPA technology, like the technology built into MetaViewer Paperless Automation, can help ease the worry and the pain that comes with tax audits.

Here’s how to utilize the power of your MetaViewer solution to streamline your audit experience:

  1. Assure yourself that you are following state record retention laws by going digital! When you aren’t storing your documents in filing cabinets or storage boxes, there is no risk of mislabeling boxes, throwing out documents before you should or misplacing documents in the wrong years’ folder. Instead, all of your documents are saved electronically, not taking up space and allowing for easy access by approved users. The last thing you want when auditors show up is to discover that you prematurely shredded the files that they need. MetaViewer allows your information to be stored for as long as you need it to be to comply with retention regulations.
  2. Make it easier on your auditor by exporting a list of the appropriate documents as a PDF within a certain date range, or using other requested parameters, and send this list to the auditor. Once exported as a PDF, the documents are searchable so the auditor can easily search for and find the information they’re looking for. You can pull search results based on the factors your auditor wants to see by setting up a custom search in MetaViewer. You can also select the information you want displayed, like GL information and audit trails such as who approved or coded, etc.
  3. Give the auditor temporary, restricted access so they can recover the data themselves. MetaViewer also gives you the ability to set up an auditor as a temporary user with restricted access. This allows them to do their own document search, allowing you to be hands-off after you’ve selected the appropriate date range and other parameters.

Audits don’t need to make you cringe. With MetaViewer on your team, you can rest assured that your audit will be accurate and seamless because you will have secure, organized data at your fingertips. You’ll thank us and your auditor will thank you!

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