Full process visibility.

Shed some much needed light on your financial processes with MetaViewer.

MetaViewer tracks every step of every transaction, giving you a complete picture of your entire AP process.  Real-time dashboards give a snapshot of delays, charts change color automatically to alert you of problem areas and which invoices are due.  See a running invoice total that tracks your spend requirements for the next day, week or month.  Simply click on any portion of the charts or graphs to drill down to the actual invoices represented.  Accumulated reports give you a full view of how your process has improved over time, what your average invoice process times have been and much more.

Never again will you assume, guess or wonder what is happening in your financial departments regardless of whether they are down the hall or around the world!

Visualization Lower
Real-time and long-term views of your financial processes like never before.
Easily embed analytics into your MetaViewer home page or SharePoint portal.