Online collaboration with all your trading partners

Vendor calls reduced to a minimum.

Online collaboration with all your trading partners

VendorViewTM, The MetaViewer Vendor Self-Service Portal allows you to alert your vendors during key stages of the approval process. Automated emails are sent to the appropriate vendor with a link to the portal. By simply clicking on the link and securely logging in, your vendor has access to the invoice and any related transaction documents at their fingertips. This visibility and communication of status can greatly reduce the time-consuming phone tag and searching for documents rampant in traditional paper-based systems and even most other imaging systems.

One of the most exclusive features of the VendorView is the ability of your vendors to participate in these efficiencies regardless of how they are currently sending you their invoices. Even if you still receive your invoices in the mail, they can be scanned and made available along with all other pertinent transactional documents and correspondence. Efficiencies and better service for all!



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