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Ardent Partners' The State of ePayables 2020

Ensuring Continuity, Building Resiliency, and Rising to the Challenge

Each year, the state of ePayables is changing and evolving. We believe it is essential to be up on the latest trends in the industry in order to meet challenges head-on and expand our business model to meet the needs of our clients.

We partnered with Ardent Partners for their State of ePayables 2020 report.

Download it now to learn more about the ePayables industry in today's rapidly changing world! Read more.

Ardent Partners' Accounts Payable Metrics that Matter in 2020.

Metrics matter, and that's why we teamed up with Ardent Partners to explore the future of accounts payable as it relates to automation technology. 

Over the past decade, Ardent Partners has conducted more Accounts Payable market research studies than any other firm or consultancy in the industry. In that time, Ardent has benchmarked thousands of distinct organizations across al phases of its proprietary ePayables framework - Receipt, Process, and Pay. This report is a compilation of the industry's best and most widely-used accounts payable benchmarks.  Read more.

The State of ePayables 2018: The Future of AP is Now

Top-performing accounts payable departments help businesses become more strategic, more efficient and more competitive. Learn how adopters of AP automation tools, like MetaViewer Paperless Automation, are becoming "best-in-class" and regaining control of their payables processes. 

This comprehensive report presents an industry-wide view into what is happening in the world of AP including benchmarks, analysis, and recommendations that finance and AP leaders can use to better understand the "State of AP" today, gain insight into best practices, benchmark their performance against the Best-in-Class, and improve their operations and performance.  Read more.

Regaining Control:  Managing the three Cs of Controllers with AP Automation.

The accounts payable department is increasingly seen as a potential solution for controllers to achieve their three primary job responsibilities, the three Cs: Cash, Control and Compliance. This whitepaper discusses the challenges controllers face and how to regain control of the three Cs with AP automation. Read more.


Don't Miss the Brass Ring:  Implementation Strategies that Deliver Maximum Return on Investment in Accounts Payable Automation

To combat high operational and storage costs, manual data entry, errors and inefficiencies that are associated with paper-processing, many companies deploy AP automation technology. To assure that they are getting the most out of their document management solution and achieving maximum ROI, the Institute of Financial Management (IOFM) highlights proven implementation strategies in Part 3 of this sponsored whitepaper series. Read more here.

The 7-Step Formula for Choosing the Right AP Automation Solution.

Choosing an AP automation/document management system that's right for your company can be a daunting task.  Part 2 of this sponsored Institute of Financial Management (IOFM) white paper series explores seven steps that can make choosing an AP automation solution easier and more successful, including setting clear objectives, researching potential vendors, defining processing requirements and setting and maintaining a strict budget.  Also learn how Leeco Steel, a supplier of carbon, HSLA and alloy steels greatly enhanced their accounts payable processes by implementing AP automation.  Read the report.

Not Your Grandfather’s Filing Cabinet: Four ways document management solutions optimize accounts payable, accounts receivable and human resources

Today’s businesses run on information, and efficiently managing that information is vital. It’s time to abandon your grandfather’s old metal filing cabinet and replace it with a paperless solution that will help you better manage your company’s financial processes. Learn more about the problem with paper and how document management can help. Read the report.

Published Articles

How Automation Benefits Remote Workers

The Record Magazine - Automated document management systems empower employees to work remotely, while ensuring manager retain visibility into everything they are doing.

2 Ways Paperless Automation Delivers ROI with Your Microsoft Dynamics Platform

Published on - Pairing your Microsoft Dynamics investment with a paperless document management solution increases accuracy which saves both time and money. When considering a solution, it's important to be able to demonstrate the ROI to your company’s C‐Suite.

Taking on the Technological Revolution: Benefits of Digital Disruption

Published on - Today’s digital disruption provides an opportunity for businesses to look at how they are using technology, and how they can use it differently to enhance their business practices and create new, innovative business models.

Supporting Company Growth with Digital Transformation.

GP Optimizer is published by Rockton Software with articles written by ISVs and VARs who are experts in Microsoft Dynamics GP and want to help provide you with solutions and enhance your GP software. MetaViewer article on page 13: Supporting Company Growth with Digital Transformation.

Teaching Good Data Habits

The Record Magazine - Document management and paperless automation solutions can help education institutions to capture and analyse critical data, increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Harness the Power of Digital Transformation with Document Management

On In order to fully achieve the efficiencies of digital transformation, companies need to keep up with trends and embrace change, replacing legacy systems with new technology that will bring them into the new, digital era.

Why Finance Departments Should Invest in Artificial Intelligence - AI improves process efficiency and enables software to understand tasks by learning business rules that it follows. Artificial intelligence is becoming more and more popular in today’s financial services. According to Narrative Science, nearly one-third of financial services organizations have adopted some kind of AI technology and is expected to continue to grow and innovate. For companies that have AP processes that cost too much, take too long and inhibit visibility, AI is a priority.

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