MetaViewer Customers Speak Up!


We are proud to announce that Doug Bertram, regional sales manager, was named a "Pro to Know" by Supply & Demand Chain Executive.  Doug has earned the trust and respect of his customers and colleagues with his ability to break down very complex and often intimidating technology into terms that his customers can easily understand. With his in-depth industry and technical knowledge, Doug also is able to look at a company’s existing solutions and work hands-on with IT and Financial leaders to integrate Metafile’s flagship solution, MetaViewer, into the environment.

“The total (savings) is $700,000 per year and this doesn’t include the intangible savings that we have realized by streamlining our business processes.”
~Ray Parker, Sara Lee Knit Products

“The fact that MetaViewer is continually upgraded and supported by Metafile provides welcome relief from the challenges of maintaining our previous custom system.”
~David Kinkela, Goya Foods, Inc.

“MetaViewer has helped us improve efficiencies and do more with less. In fact, when we added our third hospital, Archbold, no additional chart storage or medical records personnel were needed.”
~Greg Slattery, Community Hospitals and Wellness Centers

“Any city employee with access to a computer can now search for documents with point-and-click functionality...they only need to know the approximate geographic location of the project and click that area of the map.”
~Susan Branbury, City of Westerville

“The time required to administer the new system has been reduced from 80 to 20 hours per month, and we save additional time because users require much less support...this system was clearly designed with the IT department in mind.”
~Al Lukiman, Warner Chappell Music, Inc.

“The bottom line for us is that the time required to access a typical document has been reduced from 15 to 30 minutes to 10 to 15 seconds.”
~Kelly Daniel, Campbell County School District