MetaViewer for Retail

The global marketplace can mean only one thing—a lot of receipts, invoices and purchase orders.

Unfortunately, selling a great product is no longer enough to ensure success in the competitive retail environment. The industry as a whole faces daunting challenges from complicated ecommerce initiatives to the sulking economy and finicky consumers. The companies who are able to leverage their critical content are the ones who will win at the register and online. Learn more about how MetaViewer solutions are helping Retail organizations unlock the value of business-critical content to enhance service, improve efficiency, and reduce risk.

Gate Petroleum
6,000 invoices per week. Now that’s a lot of paperwork.read more...
Allied Beverage
Paperless Document Management Swallows Allied Beverage's Filing
Cabinets.
Greer Companies
MetaViewer Document Management is the best menu item for Greer Companies.read more...

MetaViewer solutions for Retail include:

  • Statement distribution
  • Archival and retrieval
  • Human resources
  • Online statement presentment and payment
  • Credit applications
  • Customer service
  • Order processing
  • Proof of delivery
  • Inventory