MetaViewer PrintStore Report Archive and Analyzer

The MetaViewer PrintStoreTM Report Archive and Analyzer electronically captures and unlocks hidden and elusive information found in the overwhelming stack of financial reports you are presented with every day. PrintStore can easily import and process files stored in any existing report capture solution.

Powered by the MetaViewer full-text search engine, the Analyzer easily identifies all fields in the report and exports them to an efficient, integrated spreadsheet specifically designed for report manipulation.  This spreadsheet includes tools not found in Excel and can manage reports thousands of pages in length.

The report information can be resorted, grouped into subsets, searched almost instantly as well as graphed and charted in hundreds of different ways.  Any of this information can then be saved, emailed, printed or exported to existing Excel spreadsheets for inclusion in other reports.

The MetaViewer PrintStore Analyzer eliminates the need to request multiple configurations of the same report.  This eliminates the cost of custom reports created by your financial software vendor and at the same time alleviates the burden on your valuable IT resources.  You are free to see this information in any order, subset, graph or chart you need today, tomorrow and into the future.

Whether implemented as an integrated part of a complete MetaViewer solution or as a standalone executive information management tool for a low monthly fee, the MetaViewer PrintStore Report Archive and Analyzer will quickly become one of your
most vital management solutions.

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