Order Processing, automation from order to cash!

MetaViewer greatly improves the efficiency of all your AR processes, including order entry, credit facilitation, order processing, integrated e-invoicing, proof of delivery, dispute resolution, and collections management. One of the key elements of the MetaViewer Paperless Accounts Receivable solution is its ability to capture transaction information regardless of the external or internal source and standardize it for workflow approval, customer notification and customer self-service processes.  In other words no matter how the information is received, the system works exactly the same.

What's more, MetaViewer's automatic workflow routing and documentation helps ensure compliance for a wide range of requirements including Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA. MetaViewer creates an electronic "paper" trail for every transaction and notifies you when a document has changed, by whom, and where holdups may exist.

With MetaViewer everyone wins. Your customers get their questions answered quickly and efficiently. And your staff can focus on more important things than playing phone tag and chasing paper.

Electronic Order Capture
By far the most efficient way to capture orders from your customers is electronically. This is MetaViewer's specialty. Our entire philosophy is targeted not only at the more efficient handling of paper but at preventing paper from entering your organization in the first place.read more...
MetaViewer automated workflow routes orders to the appropriate desktops according to territory, order size, salesperson or any other criteria you choose.read more...
ERP Integration
MetaViewer's integration capabilities reduce manual data entry and streamline processs.read more...