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VAR, referral partners and systems integrators benefits

Virtually every manufacturer, retailer and wholesaler/distributor that processes 1,000 or more invoices per month is an ideal MetaViewer customer, and the cross-industry need for integration between AP, AR, HR and ERP technology has never been greater. There has never been a better time for VARs, referral partners and systems integrators to incorporate affordable, measurable value into Microsoft Dynamics and other ERP solutions with Paperless ERP automation technology.

Cross-industry demand for accounting automation technology - MetaViewer is proven to address ERP pain-points that are common across all industries, lowering invoice-processing costs, enabling visibility into AP and AR processes, ensuring prompt orders and invoice payments and improving efficiency by mitigating duplicative efforts and rekeying of paper-based data.

More, and higher-value ERP sales - A combined solution offering integration between MetaViewer and an ERP solution enables significant cost savings, presenting opportunities to make ERP solutions paperless and affording accelerated ROI when compared to standalone ERP implementations.

Increased partner revenue - The value of new-customer ERP sales incorporating MetaViewer can be increased 25 percent, and current customers can be offered a fully integrated paperless ERP solution that affords tangible ROI.

Proven ROI through AP/AR/ERP integration - Midmarket companies processing paper-based invoices typically carry a $20-per-invoice processing cost; MetaViewer can lower that cost to $5 per invoice, generating significant and easily justifiable annual ROI.

Well-known customer references - Metafile's partners can reference a variety of well-known Metafile customers in a variety of industries, including Winn Dixie, Titleist, Footjoy, Coca-Cola and Gate Petroleum.

Organizations in the food and beverage, fashion and apparel, finished goods and consumer goods industries are particularly strong prospects because of their large number of suppliers and customers and high volume of transactions, as well as the number and variety of products handled. MetaViewer is the one paperless AP/AR/HR solution that goes beyond the electronic file cabinet, providing tight integration with Microsoft Dynamics, as well as other major ERP solutions, while offering the affordability expected by midmarket organizations and the scalability demanded by enterprise.

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