Approvals and collaboration like never before!

Automatic approvals and workflow deliver a smooth AP process and full visibility.

Whether your vendor invoices and customer orders are received on paper, EDI or electronically using our eInvoicing option, the MetaViewer Invoice Accelerator auto classifies, identifies, and extracts all transactional data, including line item detail, facilitates two and three way matching with ERP information and allows custom online approval workflows.

As your invoices go through the efficient web-based workflow process, MetaViewer automatically alerts your vendors regarding the status and allows them secure access to appropriate transaction documents via our online supplier self-service portal. Automated GL coding of invoice information, reconciliation with purchase orders and complete integration with your ERP solution eliminates data entry and ensures accuracy.

The MetaViewer Workflow Monitor gives real-time views into your entire AP process, instantly know when invoices are nearing deadline, stuck in someone's workflow queue or overdue. Chart the time it takes your invoices to be processed and graph the results. The invoice monitor also lets you drill down the exact invoice or work queue show in each chart.

MetaViewer Workflow offers:

  • Process Automation
  • Process standardization
  • Invoice approval routing
  • Matching and reconciliation
  • GL coding
  • Notification and escalation
  • Views
  • Data exchange
  • Data verfification
Workflow Graphic
MetaViewer Invoice Workflow
Invoice Approval
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GL Coding
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