Capture Invoices Regardless of Source or Format!

Industry leading intelligent document capture for paper AND electronic invoices.

One of the key elements of the MetaViewer Paperless Accounts Payable solution its ability to capture transaction information regardless of the external or internal source and standardize it for workflow approval, vendor notification and self-service processes.  In other words, regardless of how the information gets to you, the system works exactly the same.

By far the most efficient way to capture invoices from your vendors is electronically.  This is MetaViewer's specialty.  Our entire philosophy is targeted not only at the more efficient handling of paper invoices but at preventing paper from entering your organization in the first place.

MetaViewer's Invoice Accelerator makes it simple for your suppliers to participate, providing you with electronic invoices that can be indexed with 100% accuracy, two and three-way matched, and routed to the appropriate workflow step with no data entry needed.  This has the added bonus of saving your suppliers the time and cost of processing and mailing paper invoices.

Key invoice information is located and recognized automatically and vendor profiles are automatically set up in seconds.  The process is the same regardless of whether the invoice arrived electronically or on paper.  All this for a fraction of the cost of a typical separate OCR capture solution and without the pay per invoice burden of public invoicing networks.

Capture Invoice Accelerator
Invoice Accelerator