GL Coding

GL Entry Workflow Based on Your Business Rules

The GL Entry module enables your AP staff to perform GL coding on a web-based system outside of your company's ERP system. To ensure that only valid code entries are made, MetaViewer integrates closely with your ERP system using the rules that have already been defined. Most importantly, GL coding is done only once, by the person who knows the proper item-to-account association.

Once the GL data is entered and approved, it is stored in an intermediate database or file where it is available to your ERP system. Whether your company uses Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, PeopleSoft, Lawson, BAAN, or another system, the MetaViewer GL Entry can make a significant difference in efficiency and accuracy.

How the GL Entry module works to your advantage:

  • The person who knows account distributions enters the information directly, quickly, and accurately - the first time.
  • MetaViewer validates account code combinations immediately, using your existing ERP application rules.
  • MetaViewer can be configured so that one person cannot code and approve the same invoice.
  • MetaViewer provides an audit trail for each invoice.
  • Electronic routing of invoices means that documents are no longer lost or misplaced.
  • Online data entry avoids the manual errors associated with interpreting handwritten information on the ‘Invoice Received' stamps currently used by many companies.
  • The MetaViewer GL Entry interface is a zero footprint application; no installation is required on user workstations since users run it from their Web browsers.
  • The accounting detail conforms to existing accounting structures and GL data entry is easy to learn in a simple table design with drop-down menus and instant access to the PO, invoice and receiving documents.
  • You don't need to purchase expensive ERP licenses or train end users on a more complex application.
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GL Coding