Freedom from Printing, Sorting, Stuffing and Mailing.

MetaViewer e-invoicing eliminates the costs associated with printing and distributing documents to your customers. No more costly (and time consuming) printing, sorting, stuffing, mailing and filing invoices. Your customers receive their invoices immediately via email or the MetaViewer Customer Portal—instead of the 3-5 days it would normally take—and your department gets to collect receivables even quicker.

For you and your staff, the hours (or days) it used to take to complete these manual tasks are now spent focused on higher-level objectives, like improving customer service and recovering lost revenue.

Recent Aberdeen Group research indicates that distributing paper invoices costs organizations between $2.00 and $5.00 each.

How many invoices does your organization process and send out each month... 500—5000—50,000?

The MetaViewer Customer Self-Service Portal makes it easy for your customers and distributors to sign up to participate, allowing you to provide them with invoices electronically and notify them of the status of their orders during any stage of the process.

Your customers can securely view current and previous orders, invoices, statements and more.  This will improve your customer service and eliminate the inefficiencies of a traditional paper-based invoicing process.

MetaViewer can assist you in encouraging your customers to get involved with electronic document exchange with a simple predefined registration process and invitation emails.