MetaViewer Document and Workflow Monitor

Full visibility of all your processes via your MetaViewer or Sharepoint desktop.

Like the gauges designed to monitor a high performance engine, MetaViewer's document and workflow charting gives you a real time dashboard view into the workings and critical happenings within all your financial processes.  A color coded alert and actual live counts are available on your desktop at all times.  Drill down into the actual workflow steps and view the related documents with a click of your mouse.

Invoices approaching deadline or stalled in the process are easily identified along with numerous other standard and customized alerts and gauges.  Never again will you assume, guess or wonder what is happening in your financial departments regardless of whether they are down the hall or around the world!

Visualization Lower
Real-time and long-term views of your financial processes like never before.
Easily embed analytics into your MetaViewer home page or SharePoint portal.