What are the benefits?

Why MetaViewer

"The fact that MetaViewer is continually upgraded and supported by Metafile provides welcome relief from the challenges of maintaining our previous custom system."
- David Kinkela, Goya Foods

See more, spend less with MetaViewer.

The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants has determined that the average billion-dollar company processes 12,500 invoices per accounts payable employee annually at a cost of $3.55 per invoice, bringing total cost to $44,375. In contrast, the world's best finance and accounting departments process invoices at a cost of only $0.35 each, for a total cost of only $4,375. The difference between good and great is a 98% cost reduction that amounts to $40,000 in savings per accounts payable employee.

In addition to those type of hard dollar savings, MetaViewer sheds light on the entire financial process with easy access to all associated documents and graphical, real-time analytics and reporting. The ability to instantly consult and involve remote offices around the world via the internet based workflows eliminates costly delays, unnecessary shipping charges and relentless phone calls.

Let us show you how obvious the benefits of Paperless ERP from MetaViewer can be:

Cost per Accounts Payable Transaction



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Impact of Supplier Self-Service on Inquiry Response Cost